Registration of business

in European Union

We work through the secured communication channels; following privileged legal information principles

We will help to establish a company in Germany and other European countries within the shortest time

Turn-key service
Additionally we will assist you with opening the bank account

What goals are solved by creating foreign companies?

Creation of financial centers where can be accumulated the resources in necessary volume and for any required period, redirecting them if necessary

Securing the assets – they will be protected by the international law, and it will be more difficult to take them by means of corporate raiding or by far-fetched legal challenges

Marketing position of small and mid-size business will be more successful – you can position your company as a European one
Legal tax structuring along with complete avoiding the currency regulation in Russia etc.
We will take over the whole process of establishing
the company in Europe

“ICS Group LLC” specializes in supporting and registering of business in the EU and working with reliable off-shore jurisdictions. We are able to integrate foreign companies into business structure in accordance with Russian laws and other jurisdictions and banks. We will help to optimize the business structure and reduce the tax burden.

We will prepare an offer for business registration after free initial consultation.

Annual business accounting services

We will select an optimal jurisdiction for you to save time and money

You can completely rely on us: we know all ins and outs

Over 7 years of experience in supporting business in Europe

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