Marketing consulting​​​​
to increase efficiency of the company

Defining a competitive advantages
and “bottlenecks”
Developing marketing objectives
according to the available resources
Establishing a marketing strategy
for your company

What does building
of the marketing department offer?
Comprehensive market analysis
Rapid response to changing circumstances and forecasting of competitors' trends and activities
Minimization and avoidance
of potential losses
Generating ideas to find market opportunities
Marketing Consulting Services
It is impossible to build a successful business without using methods and tools for studying the business area and competitors. That's why marketing consulting services are becoming so popular. You can order these services from “ICS Group LLC”, where we created a team of real professionals for this purpose. We will help you to find your place in the market and develop a successful business development strategy.

There is no unified action plan for everyone. That’s why we apply an individual approach to each customer and develop a unique roadmap. Every recommendation or action is a result of deep research that takes into account available customer’s background and desires, business plan, current opportunities and business needs.

Brand management

We define brand concepts and create a unique image
Turnkey service
We work both with new and existing brands
We monitor results and make the necessary corrections
We assist in the development of a business development work plan

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