About us
ICS Group is a team of high level professionals in the field of international business consulting. We help Russian businesses to arrange their entry into the European market, effectively position them and expand their activities in a secure and safe environment.

Reasons to trust us
We are the team of professional consultants

Deliver results in transparent and flexible mode

Solutions are always based on business specific
International company – we work worldwide
Support in any issue throughout Europe
Help in solving “deadlock” situations

Services provided by ICS Group are not limited with the preparation of detailed answers to your questions, but a constant monitoring of the European market, searching for the most reliable investment opportunities, strategic planning and accounting support . We will process your request within the shortest time, provide professional assessment and assist you in getting recognized both in Europe and in Russia.

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If you are interested in a partner who will take care of financial audit, accounting, financial and marketing consulting, management consulting, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to cooperate!
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