How to avoid mistakes in putting
business in order
Order in business: 5 main mistakes of managers

Many founders or managers of companies dream of restoring order, organizing a well-coordinated and effective work of all the services of the enterprise. But putting things in order in business is a difficult and not quick task, which can bring a lot of unpleasant surprises. To avoid unpleasant situations and unjustified hopes, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main mistakes.

Regulations that no one follows
Drawing up various regulations and rules of work and mandatory familiarization with them for all employees does not guarantee anything at all. In order for the rules to work and optimize the process, a preliminary analysis of information about the company's activities is necessary. Based on this data, management decisions are created. Now text regulations have been replaced with descriptions of business processes obtained with the help of modern software.
Wishful thinking
But even a description of business processes will not solve problems if they have lost their relevance. In many small companies, you can often see the situation: there are many descriptions of all the business processes that were created at different times, without changing the previous versions. As a result, there are a lot of documents that contradict each other and lead to conflicts between employees or services of the company.

Therefore, the existing description of business processes can not be called effective, so we can assume that it simply does not exist.
Modernization of only one direction
All business processes of the company are interconnected, so the modernization of only one direction will lead to a disappointing result. Of course, it is difficult to develop all areas at the same time, both financially and technically, but this is the only way to establish effective work. With a large number of areas of activity of the company, it is necessary to carefully build the chain of interaction and set priorities.
Using your own management software
Today, text regulations have been replaced by graphical descriptions of business processes that are created and managed using special software. Many companies use their own software for this purpose, which often does not cope well with the assigned function. Over time, the funds invested in the development and modernization of this software begin to exceed the cost of modern software from the world's best manufacturers.

The only way out is not to reinvent the wheel, but to choose reliable and effective software, using the advice of experts.
Removing the manager from managing business processes
To develop and effectively describe business processes, a consultant is often involved. This significantly increases the level of training of management tools, but at the same time does not remove the need for the manager to manage them. A project that continues without the participation of the director is doomed to failure.

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