Establishing a company in Germany: stages, conditions, requirements

The opening of a company in Germany takes place in three stages, which on average takes 4 to 7 months. Sometimes this period can last 1.5 years.
  • First stage
At the initial stage, it is necessary to prepare the constituent documents and open a bank account. This takes from a couple of days to a month. Such a run-up is due to the place of registration, as well as the workload of the notary, who will prepare a package of documents.

At this stage, you need to decide on the important points:
  • determine the amount of the authorized capital;
  • consider the number of founders and distribute their shares;
  • appoint a general director;
  • choose a bank to open an account with;
  • select the type of activity;
  • make a decision on the legal address of the company.
  • Second stage
At this stage, no action is required from the founder. All documents for registration in the Commercial Register are sent by a notary. To do this, you must have a set of constituent documents, as well as open a bank account to which the authorized capital must be transferred. With the right organization of work, all actions take three weeks, but in some cases it may take up to three months waiting. This is most often observed when you need to wait for access codes to an account with authorized capital. These codes are sent by the bank within a month and the same amount is sent by mail to the EU countries.

  • Third stage
After signing the constituent documents, the company is considered registered, but it is possible to start operating only after registering with the Department for entrepreneurship and obtaining tax numbers. Registration is completed in 30 minutes, but the assignment of the tax number will have to wait up to six months. But at the same time, it is impossible to conduct business without a tax number.
Conditions for registering a company in Germany
It's enough to observe three main conditions to complete the registration procedure:
Know all the features of the registration procedure, what can help information in the public domain or a consultant.
Speak German or have an interpreter with you, as documents are prepared only in German.
Have an address in Germany to register it as a legal entity.
You may need a second manager with a residence permit in Germany to open an account in some banks.
Requirements for opening a company
To open your own company in Germany, you will need:
  • identity card, in particular for foreign citizens, a passport with a Schengen visa is required;
  • if the founder is a legal entity, you must provide a full set of registration documents for the founder company;
  • the amount of 1 to 25,000 euros in the form of authorized capital;
  • the amount within 3 000 euros to pay for registration services;
  • personal presence of all the founders or apostilled, notarized power of attorney;
  • the time of presence of the general director in the country - at least 7 days during the opening of the company, the founders-1 day to visit the notary.
To reduce the opening time of the company, you should contact the consulting agency ICS Group LLC, which provides a full range of services - from collecting constituent documents to obtaining a tax number.

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